Steps to Unblock Someone on Instagram | Guide on Blocking and Unblocking on Instagram

how to unblock someone on instagram

We all make mistakes. Sometimes we block someone on Instagram when we are angry. Later we feel sorry. We want to unblock them. Instagram makes it easy to unblock people. This guide will show you how. We will walk through the steps to unblock users on the Instagram app or website.

First, let’s understand what blocking Someone on Instagram means. If you block someone, they lose access to your profile and posts. They can no longer see your Stories, followers, or who you follow. Their likes and comments on your posts also disappear. But your likes and comments still show up for them.

When you unblock Someone on Instagram, they can see your profile again. But they need to also unblock you for full access. Another thing: their old likes and comments do not come back after unblocking.

You have two easy ways to unblock people on Instagram. Go to their profile and unblock them. Or use your Blocked list in Settings. Let’s look at both methods.

To unblock from a profile:

  1. Search for their > username
  2. Tap the > three dots icon
  3. Select > Unblock User

To use your Blocked list:

  1. Go to your > profile
  2. Tap > menu icon
  3. Go to > Settings
  4. Tap > Blocked Accounts
  5. Tap > Unblock next to their name

Two Options to Unblock

  • Go to user’s profile » tap Unblock Settings » Blocked Accounts » tap Unblock

Unblocking on a Profile

Unblocking on a Profile

The easiest way to unblock someone on Instagram is on their profile. Search for their username and open their profile. Tap the blue “Unblock” button. You will get a message asking if you want to unblock them. After you tap yes, they can see your profile again. You can also refollow them if you want. The Follow button will show up where Unblock was.

  • Unblocking Via Profile

Search username » open profile » tap Unblock Can immediately refollow after unblocking

Let me guide you step-by-step: Open the Instagram app and tap the search icon at the bottom. Type in the exact username of the person you blocked. Their profile will show up. Their username will be in blue because they are blocked. Tap Unblock under their bio. A prompt will ask “Unblock this user?” Tap Unblock to confirm. Now you will see a Follow button so you can connect again.

Going to their profile allows you to pick who to unblock. But it takes more time to do one by one instead of groups.

Unblocking in Settings

To unblock people faster, use your Blocked Accounts list in Settings. Instagram puts every blocked user there. Instead of searching for each name, you can scroll and tap Unblock quickly.

  • Unblocking Via Settings

Tap the profile icon » menu icon » Settings » Blocked Accounts Scroll and tap Unblock to undo in bulk

To get there, tap your profile picture at the bottom right of the app. Then tap the menu icon at the top right. Choose Settings, then Privacy, then Blocked Accounts. Look for names you want to unblock and tap Unblock next to them. Confirm each one. In a few taps, you reopen closed communications.

The list view lets you unblock in bunches fast. For big relationship repairs, Settings unblocking saves hours over profile searching.

After Unblocking

After Unblocking

What happens when you unblock someone? They can access and see your profile, posts and Stories again. But their old likes and comments do not come back. Instagram does not restore them. While they have access again, their past feedback stays erased.

For full interactions like messaging, they need to also unblock you. For now they would only see your public content as a normal follower. One-sided unblocking means one-way viewing. For features like DMs, mutual unblocking is needed.

If after unblocking their profile says “User Not Found”, this typically means one of two things. They still have you blocked, or disabled/deleted their account. Check your block list for confirmations. Retrying later also helps in case of glitches.


Beyond fully blocking or unblocking on Instagram, you have another option to limit unwanted interactions. The Restrict feature lets you quietly filter comments and status from certain users. They stay followers, but with limits.

When restricted, users can comment but you review them first before others see. Their comments only appear to them at first. Tap See Comment to view it or Approve to publish openly. Restricted users also can’t see when you’re online or read their messages. Their messages go to Message Requests unless you follow back.

Turn on restrictions in Settings by typing a username, swiping left on their comment and tapping Restrict, or long press a concerning message then Restrict. Confirm by tapping Restrict again. Reverse it with Unrestrict. Customize notifications and filters in Privacy Settings.

The beauty of Restrict versus blocking is keeping connections without constant exposure. Concerning comments stay safely tucked away until you review. Excessive messaging remains controlled through approval too. You avoid exile while focusing energy on positive community interactions.

Safety First

We’ve explored how to unblock accounts on Instagram in profiles and lists, with clear expectations after reversing blocks. Restricting provides more customized filters to limit unwelcome interactions without complete blocking.

Blocking has uses if harassment happens, but consider carefully as a last resort. Temporary restrictions often accomplish safety goals without cutting community ties.

What matters most is your comfort with your feed, inbox and Story interactions. Put your needs first as you manage contacts. Stay empowered reflecting your standards aligned with your truth through account controls.

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