How tp Know Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram | Effective Methods in 2024

How To know Who Unfollowed Me On Instagram

On Instagram, you can see how many followers you have. But Instagram does not tell you if someone stops following you. Brands, businesses, and people who share posts a lot on Instagram will want to know if they lose followers. Losing a lot of followers could mean something is wrong with their posts.

Luckily, there are some easy ways to check if certain people have stopped following you. For accounts with thousands of followers, special Instagram apps can track unfollows better.

One way is to look at your follower list and search for the person you think unfollowed you. If they are not on the list anymore, that means they did stop following you. You can also visit their profile, look at who they are following, and search for your name. If they no longer follow you, that will confirm they unfollowed you. But this takes a lot of time if you have a lot of followers.

For bigger Instagram accounts, using an analytics app like FollowMeter is better for seeing who unfollowed me on Instagram. These apps connect to your Instagram profile. They watch your number of followers and make reports about who unfollowed you.

FollowMeter works for both iPhones and Androids. After downloading, log in with your Instagram account so FollowMeter can check your follower details. It can export a list of everyone who has stopped following you.

Analytics apps like FollowMeter automatically track who unfollowed me on Instagram more than manual checking. But giving them access to your account has some risks.

Using Follower-Checking Apps

A popular app called FollowMeter lets you see who unfollowed you on Instagram. It works for both iPhones and Androids. First, download FollowMeter from the app store. Then, log in using your Instagram username and password. FollowMeter will scan all the details of your Instagram profile. In the Unfollowers section, you can export a list showing every account that unfollowed me on Instagram after you started using FollowMeter.

FollowMeter also shows accounts that you followed but who did not follow you back. Under “Not following you back”, you can export these non-mutual followers. While FollowMeter gives useful Instagram information, some privacy risks might exist in allowing external apps access.

Other apps like Crowdfire, Social Blade, Famoid, and Combin also integrate with Instagram. They monitor your followers and provide updated stats, although features can vary. The top options help identify who unfollowed you on Instagram.

Top Unfollower Apps

Top Unfollower Apps

FollowMeter, Crowdfire, and Social Blade are leading Instagram follower checkers. FollowMeter automatically tracks who unfollowed me on Instagram and exports lists of non-followers. Crowdfire has wider social media tools beyond just Instagram. Social Blade delivers Instagram data plus influencer browsing options.

Should You Pay for These Apps?

Paid Instagram apps generally charge a monthly fee. Whether that cost makes sense depends on your focus on Instagram. For big brands and influencers, these apps provide key data to optimize follower engagement. Losing followers may show problems with post themes or quality that you can fix. But for accounts that previously bought fake followers, drops likely indicate expired fake services rather than lost interest.

The analytics from these unfollower apps allow for improving Instagram strategies. Influencers and companies relying on Instagram numbers for business can benefit despite the small monthly fees. But carefully check an app’s reputation before connecting your profile.

What to Do If Someone Stops Following You

Don’t feel bad if someone unfollows you on Instagram. Sometimes it happens by accident because of Instagram updates. Or they needed to remove accounts to reduce their feed. If you changed your post style recently, some followers may have lost interest.

Do not worry too much about losing a few followers. Every account sees some natural ups and downs. Keep making enjoyable, useful posts for your community. Focus on creating quality content rather than just chasing high follower numbers.

Unfollowing Others

You can also unfollow others directly on Instagram. Go to your Following list, find the profile you want to unfollow and tap the Following button. A prompt will pop up for you to confirm cancelling the following.

Key Takeaways

Tracking unfollows matters most for brands and influencers watching Instagram metrics. Manually checking followers works to confirm specific unfollows. But analytics apps automatically identify everyone who unfollowed me on Instagram for complete reports.

Carefully consider privacy before allowing external apps access to your Instagram. Check their trust and security protections first. Rather than obsessing over follower counts, focus efforts on meaningful content that enriches your community.

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