How to Delete Your Instagram Account -

How to Delete Your Instagram Account

If you want to delete your Instagram account completely, I can guide you through the steps. Deleting your account removes your profile and all your photos, videos, and other information from Instagram forever.

You may want to delete your Instagram if you don't use it anymore, need a long break, or worry about your privacy. Deleting your account is permanent, so make sure you really want to remove your presence on Instagram before going ahead.

Before deleting, you can save any photos or videos you want to keep from your account. Once your account is gone, your posts and info will all be erased from Instagram.

Ready to delete your account? First, log into Instagram on your phone or computer and go to the Delete Your Account page. Choose why you want to delete your account from the menu and re-enter your password. Read through the warnings carefully, then confirm deleting your Instagram account.

Instead of fully deleting your account, you can also just deactivate your Instagram account. This temporarily hides your profile until you log back in. With deactivation, all your followers and posts stay there if you ever return to Instagram.

Before your account disappears forever, consider backing up your photos, videos, comments, and profile info you want to save. Once deleted from Instagram, that data can't be recovered. Ready to say goodbye to your account permanently? Confirm deleting your Instagram one last time.

Instagram delete account warning

Delete Instagram from Your Phone

Want to delete your Instagram right from your phone?

On an iPhone:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap your profile picture.
  2. Then go to Settings > Account > Delete Account.
  3. Read the messages, pick why you're deleting, enter your password, and tap "Permanently Delete."
Delete Instagram on iPhone

On an Android:

  • You'll need to use the web browser version of Instagram.
  • The app itself doesn't let you delete your account from some Android phones.
  • I know, it's an extra step! But logging into gives you the Delete Your Account option.

Re-entering your password and reason for deleting is Instagram trying to make sure you really want to delete and aren't doing it by accident. These extras aim to stop unauthorized account deletions.

Right after asking to delete your account, your profile disappears from the app so other users can't see it anymore. You still have 30 days to change your mind and cancel deletion by logging back in.

Delete Instagram from a Computer

If you prefer to delete Instagram from a computer:

  1. Login to and click your profile icon.
  2. Choose the Delete Your Account option from the menu.
  3. Pick why you're deleting, re-enter your password to confirm it's really you, then select "Permanently delete."

Deleting your account works the same way whether you use the Instagram website on a computer or phone browser. Just make sure you're logged into the account you want removed before going through confirmation steps.

Like on mobile, additional password and reason entry aim to prevent mistakes. But once confirmed, Instagram gives you the permanent deletion prompt.

Delete Instagram on Computer

When Should You Delete Your Instagram?

It makes sense to fully delete your Instagram if you know you'll never use it again. Maybe it doesn't fit your needs anymore, struggles to reach your audience, or you want to focus on other social apps instead.

Delete Your Instagram

Instead of deleting, you can temporarily deactivate your Instagram account to take an extended break from the platform without losing all your information and posts permanently.

The main plus side to deactivation over deletion is that you can easily reactivate your account anytime. Deletion erases all your Instagram content and connections forever after 30 days.

Privacy concerns or worries about fake news and harmful viral challenges might tempt you to delete too. But adjusting your settings can increase privacy without losing your account. Only delete if deactivation really won't work for you.

Backup Your Instagram Info

Before deleting your Instagram forever, you should backup all your photos, videos, messages, and other info saved in your account. This way you won't lose anything permanently when the account gets removed.

On an iPhone:

  1. Open the Instagram app and tap your profile.
  2. Choose Your Activity > Download Your Information.
  3. Pick what to backup, enter your email to receive it, select a format, give your password, then tap Request Download.

On Androids:

  1. Tap your Instagram profile and choose Your Activity.
  2. Scroll down and tap download your information, tap Next.
  3. Select data to backup, add your email, choose a format, enter your password, and tap Request Download.

You can also backup from any computer or phone web browser. Just log into Instagram and go to Your Activity > Download Your Information.

Instagram sends a backup file to your email. It stores all your info efficiently but doesn't include individual photos and videos.

The backup contains your posts, stories, comments, profile details, search history, locations, account activity, and other recorded data.

Backup Instagram Info

Deleting Instagram Permanently

To permanently delete from a computer, log into, click your profile, go to Delete Your Account, pick why you're deleting, reenter your password, and select "Permanently Delete."

Delete Your Instagram permanently

On Androids:

Open the Instagram app, tap the menu on your profile, choose Account Center > Delete Account, select your account, tap Delete, and confirm deletion.

On iPhones:

Tap your Instagram profile, open the menu, choose Settings > Delete Account. Select why you're deleting, enter your password, and tap "Permanently Delete."

Once confirmed, deletion can't be undone after 30 days. All your Instagram data is gone forever.

Temporarily Deactivating Instagram

Deactivating temporarily hides your Instagram profile and content from others until you reactivate it yourself. It allows breaks without losing data.

On desktop browsers:

Click your profile > Edit Profile, scroll to deactivate, pick why, reenter your password, and confirm deactivate.

On mobile browsers:

Follow desktop steps.

In apps:

Go to Account Center > Deactivation/Deletion to deactivate.

On iPhones:

Tap your profile > Settings > Disable Account. This hides your account temporarily.

When you sign back in after deactivating, your account returns in full. You can also reactivate by simply logging back in.

Deactivate Instagram Account

Reactivating Your Instagram Account

If you delete your Instagram then change your mind later, no worries! You can still get your account back if you log back in within 30 days using your username and password. Instagram may send a code to your email or phone to confirm it's really you.

To reactivate after deleting, you'll need ongoing access to whichever email or phone number was associated with your Instagram account. This allows any login codes to reach you.

Once you recover your deleted Instagram account, look over all your settings for privacy, notifications, comments and more. Customize these to match what you need now.

And reconnect with your old Instagram followers! Like and comment on their posts, share your photos and videos again, send some messages. Resume using Instagram as you did before.

Key Takeaways

  • The main difference between deactivating and deleting an Instagram account is that deactivation temporarily hides your profile while deletion is permanent.
  • Before considering deleting your account, use Instagram's tools to backup all your photos, videos, messages, and other personal content posted over time.
  • Think carefully about why you need an Instagram break to decide if full deletion is necessary or if temporary deactivation better fits your situation.
  • Go slowly, use available backups of your data, and thoughtfully weigh all options before deciding to permanently delete.