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Best hashtags for instagram


When picking hashtags, do some homework. Look at popular posts in your field. See what words they use. You can also search Instagram to find good words about your post topic. Use a mix of big popular tags, smaller focused tags, and tags about your brand. There are a few types of good hashtag uses:

Using good words that describe your post is one of the best ways to get more people to see and like your Instagram posts and Reels. These words called hashtags let people who don’t follow you find your stuff. Hashtags help you connect with more people who like what you like.

  • Big general tags like #food or #travel help random people see your stuff.
  • Focused tags like #foodphotography target more specific groups.
  • Brand tags featuring your business name spread your brand.
  • Trending tags about hot topics can also work if you use carefully.

In this post, we share great hashtag examples across all top kinds to help with finding good words for your Instagram posts and Reels. Whether you want more people to find you, highlight your brand, or try popular trends, you’ll get hashtag inspiration here.

Trending Hashtags

Using popular hashtags that are blowing up right now can be a great way to get more eyes on your Instagram posts and Reels. When a hashtag gets attention, sometimes because of something happening in the world, more people search and follow it. Adding trending tags lets your stuff ride bigger social media waves from hot topics.

Here are some good ways to find good trending hashtags. Tools like Keyhole show hashtags speeding up on Instagram and Twitter. Instagram’s search shows top hashtags by type. Looking at relevant feeds shows you what’s getting big. And doing your own research of feeds and communities works too.

While using hot trending hashtags can give you a boost, it’s also good to balance them with steady evergreen niche hashtags closely tied to your brand for the long run. This combo gets you visibility now and later.

Some examples of currently trending Instagram hashtags are #BookTok for viral book reviews from TikTok, #VanLife showing the digital nomad camper lifestyle, and #Foodie for our renewed obsession with food. Pick ones fitting for your content.

Making up branded hashtag campaigns can also work to get attention. Create a special hashtag around a shared event for your community like a contest or challenge to organically shout your brand and message.

Lifestyle Hashtags

Lifestyle hashtags categorize Instagram posts and Reels around ongoing themes connected to what users like, their hobbies and lifestyles. These tags let you target wider communities organized around areas like health, travel, family, fashion or specific interest points. Matching their relevance levels up your chances to connect.

Some examples are

  • #OOTD showing off outfits,
  • #DigitalNomad for location independent travelers and workers, and
  • #Foodie uniting food bloggers, home cooks and restaurant lovers.

Review tags top creators in your lifestyle space use plus Instagram’s recommendations.

Do diligent lifestyle hashtag research tailored to your brand, campaigns and offerings. Brainstorm concepts key to your identity, niche, products and services to create targeted lifestyle hashtags. Analyze competitor content and user searches for more ideas. Employee brainstorms could spark creative branded options too.

Some other examples are #HealthyLiving for wellness fans, #DogMom for proud fur parents and #InteriorDesign to share decor inspiration. Make sure your lifestyle hashtags feel real and add context versus just chasing temporary trends.

Curate lifestyle hashtags fitting each Instagram post’s or Reel’s specific subject for maximum resonance along with your basic branded tags. Using the right hashtag blend boosts your chances of turning lifestyle community members into devoted brand fans.

Branded Hashtags

Using branded hashtags with your business name, slogan or campaign phrase are super helpful for growing engagement and awareness. They let users easily find related stuff focused around what you offer while joining shareable experiences.

Popular examples are Starbucks’ #RedCupContest driving holiday excitement or Dove’s long-running #RealBeauty campaign rethinking narrow beauty standards. Check out what competitors do for inspiration or brainstorm seasonal links to your brand identity. Ask employees and loyal fans for ideas too.

Featuring branded hashtags big in captions and graphics gets more eyes on them. Motivate user posts through hashtag challenges with prizes or relevant themes reflecting your values. Make branded experiences feel welcoming, uplifting and on-brand.

Other good tactics are curating top user photos for social galleries or website features, having employees share fun selfies for inside looks and reposting happy customer content using branded hashtags.

While heavily pushing branded hashtags works, avoid going overboard. Seamlessly mix branded tags with trending, niche and industry hashtags to spotlight community over self-promo.

Industry or Topic Hashtags

Industry or topic hashtags directly relate to what your brand focuses on like tech, food, fashion and more. Tailoring tags to match your offerings helps engage communities intrinsically interested in those conversations.

Examples are #Agriculture for farming brands, #SaaS for software creators or #BespokeFashion for custom high-end clothes makers. Study industry terms, competitor content, user searches and niche publications to find good related tags.

Keep researching industry hashtags to stay current on emerging tags fitting your field. Ask target users and colleagues to suggest additional ideas. Go for accuracy and specificity catering to micro-interests within bigger areas.

Some more focused niche industry hashtags are #CraftCoffee, #UXDesign and #StreetwearFits. Remember to localize tags to hyper-target regional communities when relevant.

Balance industry tags showing your expertise with universally recognized tags to widen reach. Mix category-specific tags displaying your speciality with trending topics and branded hashtags conveying your one-of-a-kind value.

Best hashtags for instagram

Formatting Best Practices

Instagram hashtags have a 30 character limit and can’t contain spaces or special characters. Ideal individual hashtag length for discovery is considered to be 20-25 characters. Super long hashtags are tough to remember and really short common terms get flooded.

Best practice is to incorporate a mix of long, medium and short hashtags – one or two 20-25 character hashtags clearly summing up the content; a bunch of 10-15 character hashtags with tighter relevance; and several sub-10 character hashtags riffing on widely searched tidbits like #food, #nyc, #diy.

Order hashtags from most relevant and descriptive to more generic for best visibility. Leading with niche tags signalling exactly what the content shows helps Instagram accurately categorize it for discovery. Close with one or two single-word commonly searched hashtags to get a visibility boost.

Experts generally suggest 8-12 hashtags per post to maximize reach without overkill. Our tests found 10-15 yielded good results provided they were targeted.

Adding Hashtags to Instagram

Putting hashtags on Instagram is pretty easy. For regular posts, enter them in your main caption along with any text commentary. For Reels, hashtags go in the title field when you first make the video clip before posting. Just type the “#” symbol and tag words, separating each one.

It’s best to write out your full caption plus hashtags in your phone notes or something first so it’s easy to edit. Remember Instagram’s limit of 30 hashtags per post or Reel. And don’t use spaces or special symbols so your tags work right.

Use Instagram’s analytics under “Interactions” to see how each hashtag does over time. Stop using low-performing hashtags and keep fine-tuning your combinations to find what works best engagement-wise.

Regularly checking your top hashtags shows your strongest niche communities to keep nurturing through relevant content.

Key Takeaways

Having a solid hashtag plan tailored to your brand and target audience is key for expanding Instagram reach and engagement – especially for attention-grabbing Reels with more viral potential than basic posts. Curating a thoughtful mix of branded, community and popular tags for each piece powers discovery.

Remember to keep researching optimal hashtags around your industry, interests and local area. Study what competitors and users search for ideas. Refine length, order and mixes through analytics for maximum visibility and connection. Balance trending buzz with steady evergreen tags for consistency over time.

Staying tuned ongoing to how each hashtag does – while testing new ones – will empower you to build a powerhouse tagged content collection on Instagram engaging the right people.

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